Mr. Shamaz Savani
 – Chairman

Shamaz SavaniMr. Shamaz Savani has about 25 years of experience in the financial services sector. He holds a B.Com in Finance and a B.A in Economics, both from McMaster University, Canada and an MBA from the University of Surrey in UK. He joined ABC Bank in 1997 and was appointed in 2006 as the Chief Executive Officer before rising to the rank of Group Managing Director of ABC Bank Group Companies.

He is responsible for strategy formulation, policy-making including expansion, innovation, and growth for ABC Bank Group which comprises of ABC Bank, ABC Capital Limited, ABC Insurance Brokers Limited and ABC Capital Bank Limited (Uganda).

He has spearheaded the growth of ABC Capital to a formidable, credible and leading player in the stock brokerage space in Kenya,  receiving several awards and recognition in different categories under his leadership.


Dr. Steve O. Mainda – 
Non-Executive Director

Mr. Mainda was appointed as a board member of ABC Capital in August 2011.

He is also the current Chairman of the Board of the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA), Housing Finance and a director at Leisure Lodge Hotel & Resorts, Diani and Ryce EA Group. In addition, he has been a director of PTA Bank, Eastern and Southen Africa Trade and Development Bank, a Deputy Managing Director of National Housing Corporation and the MD of National Construction Corporation.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors of London and holds a Masters Degree, B.A. Degree and a Masters Degree in Management from the prestigious Princeton University and a BA from SM College, Poona. He has vast experience in financial, insurance, education and investment fields.


Mr. Sridhar NatarajanNon-Executive Director

Mr. Sridhar Natarajan joined ABC Bank Group in 2014 as the Group CEO to carry on the execution of the Group's Strategic Plan, and to lead it to the next level in terms of products/ services, portfolio growth, profits, profile, processes and people efficiency.

Mr. Sridhar Natarajan has extensive experience in banking and financial services, having worked with leading banks in India, Hong Kong and Indonesia. For over 30 years he has worked for the State Bank of India both in Hong Kong and India, in various capacities including as Branch Manager, Divisional Manager of Market Segment; Assistant General Manager (Currency Operations) & Chief Manager (Funds); Vice President (Credit & Operations) & Vice President (Operations)/ Alternative CEO, among other key positions which have equipped him with extensive experience. He was also the President Director (CEO) of Bank ICB Bumiputera, a retail bank in Indonesia, and has worked as an independent strategy consultant.

Mr Natarajan holds a BSC and a MSC, Chemistry from the University of Delhi, India.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the corporate governance at ABC Capital and has put in place a board charter to enhance its corporate governance practices. The Board of Directors is committed to the ongoing implementation of initiatives to improve corporate governance for the benefit of all stakeholders. Ownership and management have been separated, with the board delegating the day to day running of the company to the General Manager.

Furthermore, this enables our directors to balance their responsibilities and provide an oversight role as providers of strategic counsel, thereby achieving a proper balance between compliance and performance. While the board formulates policy guidelines, the management is tasked with implementation of the policies.

The board ensures that there is effective communication with shareholders through holding of Annual General Meetings.

Our staff members are also guided by a set standard of ethics which encourages and facilitates accountability, transparency and confidentiality.

Head Office
Mezzanine, ABC Bank House, Woodvale Grove, Westlands
P. O. BOX 34137 GPO O0100 Nairobi
Tel: (+254 20) 2246036, 2242534, 316143, 2241142, 2241046, 2241148
Fax: (+254 20) 2245971
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ABC Capital focuses on execution of debt related instruments e.g. government bonds, corporate bonds, commercial papers etc.

We are actively involved in both primary (as an agent of Central Bank of Kenya) and secondary markets. Our key standout points are:

  • Fast turnaround time and seamless execution of trades.
  • A pool of varying talent and intellectual ability that identifies opportunities in the market.
  • Tactical partnership with clientele in delivering of services

ABC Capital equity dealing includes buying and selling securities, providing custodial brokerage services, clearing and settlement of trades.

We conceit ourselves as being the first brokerage firm in Kenya to provide real-time customer based trading on our ABC Capital Online Trading platform.

Our chief business differentiators incorporate:

  • Fast turnaround time and seamless execution of trades.
  • A pool of varying talent and intellectual ability that identifies opportunities in the market.
  • Tactical partnership with clientele in delivering of services.